Velocity Bat™ Coaches Pack


Get this set if you are an instructor or coach that trains players of different levels including softball. This is perfect for a baseball/softball training facility!

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Each Velocity Bat™ Coaches Pack comes with:

4 bats to train Youth, High School, College, Pro and softball players.

If you are an Instructor or Coach that trains players of multiple levels you need this Coaches Pack!

This will have you ready to train Youth, HS, College, Pro and Softball players to increase their bat speed (and throwing velocity!). Workout and conditioning protocols are included which teach you how to use the bats to increase your swing speed and throwing velocity for any level player depending on the size of bat they currently use and their level of play. Once you show the player how to do it, the player can be left alone which will free up your time so you can attend to other players. It’s an added benefit to your instruction which will separate you from other instructors.

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in